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Our AKC registered pug babies are pampered, over-indulged and raised with love inside our home. They have their own living room/nursery and an acre fenced yard to run and play.  Our pugs have friendly, sweet and trusting dispositions because they are raised with so much love and attention.  

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes white and fawn/silver colors. You just need to send in three photos (two sides and front) with your registration.  The phone number for AKC in Raleigh is 919.233.9767 if you would like to verify this.  If you are looking to show your pug in competition, only fawn and black colors are recognized.

All puppies come loved, socialized, vaccinated and dewormed. We reserve the right to offer our pugs to loving, responsible and stable homes.

Learn about Lancaster County puppy mills.  Some breeders, hiding behind cute internet ad agencies, treat their dogs like livestock, hidden and caged in cold or hot barns!  

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Frosty 's son Paco is quite the driver!
Consider rescuing a homeless pet!  
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Sophie and Frosty's son, Bib.

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Frosty Jr. and Tala Sittin' in a Tree.......

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Frosty is our proud papa and beloved family pet :)

Expectant parents

Bear was named Pet of the Month at his vet in March! 

Snow White, Frosty and Sophie

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​Snow White and Frosty's beautiful daughter, Angel
 Breeder of White and Black Pug Puppies
Snow White is a sweet and loving mother :)

Snow White and Frosty's son, Zuko, in his St. Patty's 2014 coat.

Zuko, Christmas, 2013 
Snow White and Frosty's son, Zuko, April, 2014.